Boost in Social Security Payments Provides Much-Needed Relief for Vulnerable Scots

This step is taken by the Scottish Government to support low income families, disabled individuals, and unpaid carers and it has increased social security benefits to 6.7% that is started in April 2024. This amount lessened the burden of the recent inflammation and living crisis and it will support greater financial stability for over 1.2 million people across the country.

Increased Assistance for Families and Carers

Social security initiative of the Scottish Government is the main focus for Scottish Child Payment that has increased to £26.70 per child per week. The mentioned benefit is for the low income families of more than 327,000 children, it can be proved crucial lifeline in recent harsh economic crises.

Not only encouraging the people but also the newly launched Carer Support Payment will be act as a booster, that is now standing at £81.90 per week. Three local authorities benefitted from this Carer Support Payment since last year, and now it will be implemented across nation by Autumn 2024. So,it is providing much-needed support for unpaid carers.

Enhanced Payments for Disabled Individuals

The best step of the Scottish Government is that it has taken a decision to support disabled people, and further demonstrated through the increase in Adult Disability Payment. The highest and suitable rate of this benefit will now receive £184.30 per week, and this step is supporting the disabled people to live more independent and fulfilling the basic needs of lives.

Breakdown of Uprated Benefit

The updated various payment rates that are administered through Social Security of Scotland

BenefitNew Payment Rate
Scottish Child Payment£26.70 per child per week
Best Start Grant Pregnancy and Baby Payment
Best Start Grant Early Learning Payment
Best Start Grant School Age Payment
Best Start Foods
Adult Disability Payment (highest rate)£184.30 per week
Child Disability Payment
Child Winter Heating Payment
Carer’s Allowance Supplement
Carer Support Payment£81.90 per week
Young Carer Grant
Child Winter Heating Payment
Winter Heating Payment
Funeral Support Payment
Job Start Payment

Investing in Scottishh Families’ Well-Being

Gracefully and confidently, Social Justice Secretary Shirley-Anne Somerville focused on this investment and stating with remarkable words, “Our investment in social security support and cover the living expenses of low income families, it will also helps the disabled people in such a way that they will be able to live independent lives, and an other benefit is that it will supports aged people to heat their homes in winter.”

Shirley-Anne argues that the agreement of Scottish Government to social security is with a prominent amount of £6.3 billion that is allocated for the benefits of low income families to cover the expenditure in the financial year 2024, and it is exceeding the United Kingdom Government’s contribution by £” It is the best decision to increase direct support for the needy people, and that is more important than ever during the current cost of living crisis,” and underscoring the prioritization of Government’s for vulnerable people and families.

With the increase of living expenses, the allocated amount significantly boost in social security payments that offers a brighter hope for those people who are facing financial hardship, enabling the people to face this challenging time with greater stability and security.


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