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Tekken series is something you will like the most, Tekken 4 is a step forward towards Tekken series, though the Tekken 3 was much more realistic and too close to real-life experience, Tekken 4 is even more attractive and popular Playstation game, it is not available for smart phones.

I personally like this awesome Tekken 4 that is a superb fighting game, it’s been around for decades, and is still very popular. It’s a game fan will enjoy, for it’s thrilling gameplay, engaging characters, and exciting storylines. I would love to consider this and will recommend you to download this game.

About Tekken 4 APK:

Tekken 4 is a classic fighting game and was originally released in 2001. This is a fighting game created and published by Namco. It was a great revolution in gaming industry, I hope you will like the same.

Tekken 4 was released for Xbox, PlayStation 2 and PC and now you can download this on your mobile, you can simply play this your mobile. You’ve probably seen mobile games pop up in ads or on Facebook, so you may be wondering how to download them for your mobile device.

What is Tekken 4?

The new version of Tekken is really awesome, Tekken 4 is the fourth one that is really unique and impressive, full of superb characters and fighting modes. New characters are introduced in Tekken 4 that comes with unique fighting styles.

The roster features many interesting characters that will help you in your adventures, you’ve probably seen these before.

Features of Tekken 4:

This new version is a little bit more aggressive that comes with unique features, if you like a fighting game, it can be the best choice for you.

  • More characters with more styles.
  • Double players to play one by one if one is not suitable, you can switch to another one.
  • Lovely storyline and scenes.
  • More skillful and challenging.
  • Arcade mode, Vs mode and story mode, choose whatever you like.
  • More realistic and HQ graphics.

How to download Tekken 4 for mobile in APK format:

We make downloading much easier for you, don’t waste your time and money, just click on the APK file and download the file directly on your mobile phone.

  1. Open 3Beasts and search for Tekken 4
  2. Click on download button
  3. It will send you to another link, you can download that game.
  4. Chaneg your privacy settings and allow Third party files to install
  5. Install the game and enjoy this lovely game.

Is it safe to download Tekken 4 in APK format?

Yes, it is safe to download Tekken 4 on our website 3Beasts.com, you can simply crawl this on our website and install on your mobile phone, the file is 100% secure and bug-free. APK file is the smartest way to download any app or game.

What are the Advantages of downloading Tekken 4 in APK format?

There are several advantages to downloading Tekken 4 in APK format:

  • Accessibility: It is easy to access because APK files can be downloaded and installed on any Android device, regardless of its origin or whether it is available on the Google Play Store.
  • Play off-line: Just download APK file and install it on your mobile, you don’t need internet connection like PUBG.
  • Portability: Mobile devices are much more portable than consoles or PCs, allowing players to take Tekken 4 with them wherever they go.
  • Cost-effective: APK versions of games are often free, allowing players to enjoy the game without having to pay for it.

It is simple and easy to install, downloading Tekken 4 in APK format can be a convenient and cost-effective way to enjoy the game on your mobile device.

Disadvantages of downloading Tekken 4 in APK format

While there are advantages to downloading Tekken 4 in APK format, there are also some disadvantages to consider. These include:

  • Risk of downloading malware or viruses if the file is downloaded from an untrusted source.
  • Potential for the APK file to be outdated or incompatible with your device, leading to errors or crashes.
  • Lack of support or updates from the game developer, which may result in bugs or glitches that go unfixed.

Do consider this, when downloading APK file, make sure that the file is downloaded from the secured platform.

Tips for playing Tekken 4 on mobile:

If you want to learn I would recommend you to go for a practice mode, you can follow these steps too.

  • Take the time to learn the moves and combos of your chosen character. This will give you an advantage over your opponents.
  • Experiment with different game modes to find the one that suits your playstyle.
  • Use headphones or earbuds to fully enjoy the game’s sound effects and music.
  • Keep your device charged and connected to a stable internet connection to prevent lag and disconnections.
  • Practice regularly to improve your skills and become a better player.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play Tekken 4 on my mobile device?

Yes, you can download Tekken 4 in APK format and play it on your mobile device.

Is it safe to download Tekken 4 in APK format?

It can be safe as long as you download the file from a trusted source and have antivirus software installed on your device.

What game modes are available in Tekken 4?

Tekken 4 features several game modes, including arcade mode, story mode, and VS mode.

Can I play Tekken 4 offline?

Yes, you can play Tekken 4 in offline mode, but some features may not be available.

Are updates available for Tekken 4 in APK format?

No, updates are not available for the APK version of Tekken 4.


Tekken 4 is a classic fighting game that can be enjoyed on mobile devices through the use of APK files. I will love to play this old version of Tekken 4 that will surely help you a lot, Tekken 4 is good game to play on mobile, the experience will be great.



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