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Tekken 5 takes a back-to-basics approach and removes the position-change moves introduced in the previous installment, Tekken 4, that weren’t well-received. The uneven floors from Tekken 4 are also gone. Some arenas have walls, which players can use to set up interesting combos.

The game plays more like the classic Tekken 3, making it feel and play like a true return to form. The fighting in Tekken 5 is some of the best in 3D or 2D, with multiple levels of depth that give players of all skill levels enough flashy moves to feel comfortable playing.

Tekken 5’s Legacy:

Tekken 5 remains a classic fighting game that is still popular today. It has a loyal fanbase and has even been featured in professional gaming competitions. The game features uneven floors that have been eliminated and replaced with some arenas having walls that players can use to set up interesting combos.

The fighting game is some of the best fighting available in 3D or 2D. Beginners can enjoy flashy moves, while intermediate and expert players can find more interesting techniques.

Story Mode:

The story mode takes players through a handful of fights. The mode starts with still frames and voice-over to help understand what each fighter is fighting for. Square off with fighters tied to the story, giving pre- and post-fight dialogue. The endings are full-fledged and prerendered for each character.

Arcade Mode:

The main single-player mode of play is the story mode. The game takes players through a handful of fights, starting with still frames and voice-overs that help understand each individual fighter’s story. Along the way, players will square off with some fighters tied to that story, giving pre- and post-fight dialogues.

When the story concludes, players are given static screens with text and a prerendered ending for each character. The arcade mode pits players against AI players of different ranks with actual ring names. Players can rank up their characters through multiple classes, and each player per memory card can enter a name and track their player rank.

Character Customization:

The game features a cast of 32 characters, including some new ones such as Raven, Asuka, and Feng Wei. Each character has unique customization options that players can unlock as they keep playing.

Players can change their outfits and accessories using currency earned in-game. The customization options are different for each of a character’s two primary costumes, and some characters have a third costume that players can purchase.


How many characters are in Tekken 5?

There are a total of 32 playable characters in Tekken 5, including several returning characters from previous installments and a few new ones.

What is the main single-player mode in Tekken 5?

The main single-player mode in Tekken 5 is called “Story Battle,” where players can experience the game’s story through the perspective of different characters.

Can players customize characters in Tekken 5?

Yes, players can customize characters in Tekken 5 using various items and accessories that can be unlocked through gameplay.

What are the different customization options available in Tekken 5?

The customization options in Tekken 5 include changing a character’s outfit, hairstyle, accessories, and even their win poses and effects.

Is Tekken 5 a good game?

The reception to Tekken 5 has generally been positive, with critics and fans praising its improved graphics, deep combat system, and diverse character roster. However, as with any game, opinions may vary based on personal preferences.



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