Securing Retirement: Canada Announces $1,300 GIS and $1,100 OAS Payments for March 2024

A Lifeline for Canada’s Senior Citizens

In a move to support the financial well-being of its senior citizens, the Government of Canada has announced the release of benefit amounts under the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) and Old Age Security (OAS) programs for March 2024. This initiative aims to provide a reliable source of income for retired individuals, ensuring a decent standard of living and alleviating financial burdens during their golden years.

GIS and OAS: Pillars of Retirement Income

Understanding the Programs

The GIS and OAS are two crucial components of Canada’s retirement income system, designed to assist senior citizens in meeting their financial needs. Here’s a brief overview of these programs:

Old Age Security (OAS)

The OAS is a monthly pension payment provided to all eligible Canadians aged 65 and above, regardless of their income level. It serves as a source of income for retired individuals, helping them maintain a comfortable lifestyle.

Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS)

The GIS is an additional benefit offered to low-income or moderate-income seniors who receive the OAS pension. It aims to supplement their income and ensure a basic standard of living for those with limited financial resources.

Payment Details

Amounts and Eligibility

According to the announcement made by the Trudeau government, eligible senior citizens can expect to receive the following payments:

  • $1,300 for the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS)
  • $1,100 for the Old Age Security (OAS)

To be eligible for the GIS, individuals must meet specific criteria, including being a Canadian resident, being at least 65 years old, and having an income below a certain threshold. For the OAS, the primary requirements are being a Canadian citizen or legal resident and having resided in Canada for at least 10 years after the age of 18.

Payment Schedule

Timely Disbursement

The GIS and OAS payments are disbursed on a monthly basis, with the funds credited directly to the recipients’ bank accounts on the third-last business day of each month. To ensure timely and convenient access to these benefits, the Government of Canada and the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) have provided the payment schedule for the year 2024:

MonthPayment Date
JanuaryJanuary 29
FebruaryFebruary 26
MarchMarch 27
AprilApril 27
MayMay 28
JuneJune 27
JulyJuly 28
AugustAugust 28
SeptemberSeptember 26
OctoberOctober 28
NovemberNovember 27
DecemberDecember 20

Staying Informed

Official Resources

For the latest updates and detailed information regarding the GIS and OAS programs, including eligibility criteria and application processes, senior citizens and their families can visit the official website of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) at The website serves as a comprehensive resource, providing valuable insights and guidance on accessing these essential retirement benefits.


Ensuring Dignity and Well-being for Canada’s Elders

The $1,300 GIS and $1,100 OAS payments announced by the Government of Canada for March 2024 represent a commitment to supporting the dignity and well-being of the nation’s senior citizens. By providing a reliable source of income, these programs aim to alleviate financial burdens and ensure that retired individuals can enjoy a comfortable and secure retirement, a well-deserved reward for their contributions to society.

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