2024: GST/HST Tax Credit in Canada

What is the GST/HST Tax Credit?

GST means Goods and Services Tax. HST means Harmonized Sales Tax. The Canadian government designed tax system to provide financial support to low-income individuals and families. The government started this tax system to reduce the burden of GST/HST, helping low-income individuals and families and raising their living standards.

GST/HST Rate Increase for 2024

The 9% GST Rate

GST/HST tax effective from January 1, 2024, now the Canadian government has increased GST tax from 8% to 9%. It is applicable rate of GST. On all taxable supplies the applicable GST rate will be 9%, no relaxation is given after this date.

Eligibility Criteria for the GST/HST Tax Credit

Who Qualifies?

GST/HST Tax Credit eligibility in 2024, check below criteria:

  • applicant must be a citizen of Canadian or a permanent resident
  • the applicant is eligible who has 19 years old or above
  • fulfill the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) income eligibility

Note that you may get benefit of this if you have a child under 19 years of age who is living with you, he may eligible to apply for the tax credit.

Payment Amounts for 2024

How Much Can You Expect?

GST/HST Tax Credit payment amount may vary based on your family composition. Check the estimated amounts for tax credit in 2024:

Family DetailsAmount
Child under 19$171

Due Dates for GST/HST Tax Credit Payments

Mark Your Calendar

The GST/HST Tax Credit payments are issued quarterly on the following dates:

QuarterPayment Date
1stApril 5, 2024
2ndJuly 5, 2024
3rdOctober 5, 2024
4thJanuary 5, 2025

Applying for the GST/HST Tax Credit

Easy Application Process

New Canadian resident with children will apply for the GST/HST Tax Credit by completing Form RC66 (Canada Child Benefits Application). New Canadian resident without children will use Form RC151 GST/HST tax Credit Application form.

You may apply online:

  1. Visit the official website, canada.ca
  2. Sign in to your CRA My Account
  3. Click on “Apply for Child Benefits”
  4. Confirm your contact information, marital status, and nationality
  5. Enter your child’s details (if applicable)
  6. Submit the application and check the status in your My Account

Reassessment of GST/HST Tax Credit

Changes That Trigger Reassessment

GST/HST Tax Credit amount may be reassessed if any below changes occurs:

  • If family net income change
  • If marital status change
  • Decrease or increase in the number of children
  • Death of a beneficiary

Stay Updated

Stay updated to the latest information on the GST/HST Tax Credit in Canada, visit the official CRA website at https://www.canada.ca/gst-hst-credit.

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